Qi (Peter) Li


Note: More than 14 patents filed with Li Creative Technologies, Inc. are not listed at here.



·         Q. Li, O. Siohan, and F. K.-P. Soong, “Automatic speech recognition with psychoacoustically-based feature extraction, using easily-tunable single-shape filters along logarithmic-frequency axis”, U. S. Patent 6,701,291, March 2, 2004.

·         Q. Li, J. Zheng, Q. Zhou, and C.-H. Lee "Method and apparatus for performing real-time endpoint detection in automatic speech recognition,'' U. S. Patent 6,782,363, August 24, 2004.

·         C.-H. Lee, Q. Li, O. Siohan, and A. C. Surendran, "Background model design for flexible and portable speaker verification systems,'' U. S. Patent 6,519,563, Feb. 11, 2003.

·         Q. Li, "Method for performing stochastic matching for use in speaker verification,'' U. S. Patent 5,995,927, Nov. 30, 1999

·         Q. Li and D. W. Tufts, "Discriminant neural networks,'' U. S. Patent 5,926,804, July 20, 1999.

·         August; Katherine Grace, Blackwood; Nadine, Li; Qi P., McNerney; Michelle, Shih; Chi-Lin, Surendran; Arun Chandrasekaran, Zhong; Jialin, Zhou; Qiru, “Method and apparatus for interactive language instruction”, U. S. Patent 7,149,690, Dec. 2006.





·         Q. Li, “Method and apparatus for generalized minimum-error-rate training for pattern recognition using sequential observations”, U.S. Patent Filed, 60/547,861, 2004.

·         Q. Li, and B.-H. Juang "Methods and apparatus for fast and robust model training for object classification,'' U. S. Patent Filed, May 31, 2002.

·         Q. Li, F.K. Soong, and O. Siohan, "An easily tunable auditory-based speech signal feature extraction method and apparatus for use in automatic speech recognition,'' U. S. Patent Filed, April 2, 2001.

·         F. Monrose, M. Reiter, Q. Li, and S. Wetzel, "Cryptographic key generation from voice,'' Submitted to U. S. Patent Application, Nov. 18, 2000.


(The patents filed in Europe and Japan are not listed here.)

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